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Who Qualifies for Medigap Insurance

Written by Brian Gruss

Who Qualifies for Medigap Insurance?

Typically speaking those who qualify for Medigap Insurance are those individuals that have or will have both Parts A & B of Medicare.

You must also not have another Medigap plan at the same time.  What does this mean, is you can’t have 2 Medigap plans.  If you already have a Medigap plan, it must be terminated when the new plan goes in force.

Understand that a Medigap Policy is not a part of the Federal Medicare program and that it is offered by private insurance companies.

In order to qualify for a Medigap plan, you must notify the carrier if you are on State Medicaid.

Medigap plans are guaranteed renewable, as long as the premium to the Medigap plan is paid.  Paying the premium on time is important to maintain your coverage.  I usually recommend clients setup an automated bank draft with the carrier, so that if you are busy with the grandkids, or sick in the hospital.  You won’t have to worry about whether or not your Medigap plan is being paid.

For those that have both parts A&B of Medicare but are under age 65, you do qualify for Medigap, however (as of this writing) your options are limited to a lot fewer carriers.

If you have further questions as to whether or not you can qualify for a Medigap plan or any other questions regarding Medigap, I would be more than happy to help you navigate the Medicare program.

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About Just Medigap

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