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Which Medigap Policy Should I buy

Written by Brian Gruss

You are navigating your way through your Medicare journey and have figured out that you need a Medigap Policy. Now you just have to figure out which policy to buy. We hear from people all the time who are confused about which policy they should purchase. People hear advise from their friends, family, and neighbors about the plans they have that are working (or not working!) for them. You are bombarded with mail, phone calls and television commercials telling you all about the latest, greatest plans offered from xyz company. Who do you trust? How do you even go about figuring this out? We feel like the answer is not complicated – you need to choose the plan that is right for your individual needs! Let’s look at some tips for making a good decision!

Choosing a Medigap Policy

How do you choose the right plan for you?

There are several things to consider when choosing the right Medigap policy for your needs. You should take into account your health status and potential needs due to different types of health issues. You should consider your budget and unique financial situation.  Available plans can also vary based on your county or state.

Who is in your corner?

Having someone who is working to help you determine what is right for YOU can be invaluable! An independent agent can look at the available Medigap policies and help you to determine what company, plan and policy are right for you. Please contact us for a consultation or sign up for one of our seminars for individualizing guidance!

About Just Medigap
About Just Medigap

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