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Which Medigap Plans have Drug Coverage

Written by Brian Gruss

The question of Which Medigap Plans have Drug Coverage, doesn’t come up to much anymore, but it still is asked. Before Medicare Modernization, Medigap Plan H, Medigap Plan I and Medigap Plan J used to have drug coverage.

However, when President Clinton was in office, Medicare figured out that Prescription drug coverage under tradional Medicare was expensive. Go figure!!! Don’t worry you aren’t missing much when it comes to the drug coverage, the max benefit after a $250 deductible was $3000 per year, and that was with 50% coinsurance. (I have clients that go through $3000 of prescription drugs in a month)

Medigap plans that and now still cover Part B prescription drugs. Those are the drugs that are administered to you usually in a hospital or cancer center.

So while Medicare and Medigap plans don’t cover your everyday drugs anymore, and still don’t cover over the counter medicines,. But they still cover your Part B prescriptions. You aren’t paying the over-inflated premiums of those 3 Medigap plans that provided that little drug benefit.

I hope I accomplished my goal in explaining which Medigap Plans have Drug Coverage today. If not don’t hesitate to contact me.

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