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Where to Buy Medigap Insurance

Written by Brian Gruss

There are several ways to buy Medigap Insurance. You can buy Medigap insurance through a captive insurance agent, an independent insurance agent, or directly through the carrier.  What’s the difference between the different ways to buy Medigap insurance?

A captive agent is an insurance agent that only sells for that particular carrier.  These agents are typically paid a base salary and a commission to represent that one carrier.  My question – why would you want to be stuck with the products and rates of one carrier versus multiple carriers? Is the captive agent going to tell you if you could get a better rate or policy through another carrier? The simple answer is no they won’t.

An independent agent typically is contracted with multiple carriers and quite possibly includes the company of that captive agent.  Since they are not captive agents to one company they can help you shop the market for the best policy at the best price.  Watch out though – some independent agents are lazy and/or greedy and will only place you with the carrier that pays them the most, or they don’t want to have to do their homework on who has the lowest rate increases, or can have other service issues. Choosing a reputable independent agent is important.

Going direct to the carrier is much like using a captive agent.  Some people think they can save money on the plan by going direct to the carrier since they don’t have to pay a commission, and that just isn’t true.  Rates are filed with the state with the commissions built into them.  So it’s not saving you any money going directly to the company, and they are not going to shop your rates for you with any other company.

At, a service of Avenue Insurance Planners, we have specialized in Medigap plans for over 10 years.  CPA’s, financial planners, and other insurance agents entrust us with helping their clients find the best Medigap insurance to buy.  Give us a try, we can meet you in our office, over the phone and even over the computer.  We will share our screen with you, so you see what we do.  Give us a call today 352-508-4221.

You can even see Medigap rates today at

About Just Medigap
About Just Medigap

We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best Medigap rates.  Please don’t hesitate to call us at 352-508-4221 or fill in your information in the form to the left.

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