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Which Medigap Plans have Silver Sneakers

Written by Brian Gruss

Silver Sneakers is a brand name for a wellness program that usually includes a gym membership with classes that are specifically designed for seniors.  Needless to say, I am a big proponent of Silver Sneakers.

That being said, most Medigap plans do not offer access to Silver Sneakers.  Typically a wellness program will be offered through a Medicare Advantage plan.  Even at that Medicare Advantage plans have opted to create there own wellness programs to save the money of offering the branded Silver Sneakers program.

There are a few Medigap plans that offer Silver Sneakers or an in house wellness program.  One thing to note though is there is an inherent cost to offering such wellness programs.  This cost well be passed along the in the rates.  A person looking for a Medigap plan that offers Silver Sneakers should look at the cost difference of that plan versus a plan that does not offer the program and paying for the gym membership themselves.

Something to Think About

If you happen to sign up with a Medigap plan that offers a wellness program that can change at any time.  The plan can stop offering the program at anytime, as it is not a part of the standardized plan.  This is something to keep in the back of your mind as you’re shopping for your Medigap plan.

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