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Medigap Plan K

Medigap Plan K is a supplement plan that is increasing in popularity among consumers interested in the lower premiums offered by Medigap Plan K and willing to take on some of the cost-sharing and risk associated with Medicare out-of-pocket expenses. Medigap Plan K is a valuable plan with some profound benefits if you are willing to shoulder some of the costs related to your medical care.

Medigap Plan K
Medigap Plan K Benefits

Lower Premiums but Fewer Benefits

Medigap Plan K has fewer benefits for a lower monthly premium. Medigap Supplement Plan K gives you the same Part A coinsurance and additional years of hospital coverage as other Medigap plans. Still, you are responsible for 50% of the Part A Hospice care coinsurance and 50% of the Medicare Part A Deductible.

Medigap Plan K coverage splits your medical obligations’ costs with you—50% of the Part A deductible and 50% of your first 3 pints of blood product. Medicare Supplement Plan K covers 50% of your Part B coinsurance or co-payments. Plan K does not cover your Medicare Part B deductible or any excess charges you may incur. Medigap Plan K does not cover any Foreign Emergency Travel expenses either.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses Maximum

Medigap Plan K also has an Out of Pocket Expenses Maximum. In 2021 the out-of-pocket maximum was $6,940, which would be your total out-of-pocket spent – similar to an employer health plan you may have experienced. If you spend more than the out-of-pocket maximum, the insurance policy is required to cover all of your medical expenses for the year. This is a benefit that could certainly come in handy in case of a catastrophic medical event!

Get More Information About Medigap Plan K

Not every Medigap insurance company offers Medigap Plan K policies, nor does every company in every state offer them. Save yourself some time and reach out to us here at so that we can compare rates with you. We would love to help you navigate the Medigap Plan maze.