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Medigap Plan J

Written by Brian Gruss

Medigap Plan J was a very popular plan when I first started selling Medigap plans.  Plan J offered the majority of the same coverages as Plan F.  The exception was Plan J offered a $120.00 preventative care benefit.  In 2010 Medicare along with the Medigaps started covering preventative care in full without limiting to the $120 annually.  So as a way to make things easier for the consumers Medicare did away with Plan J in 2010.

What If I Have Plan J

If you still have a Medigap Plan J, you can keep your plan.  That’s either good news or bad news.  In a lot of cases I have found that the prices for Plan J have not gone through the roof and are still very competitive with a Plan F.  However some of the cases I have come across, the rates were way up there, typically from a blue plan.  If so you may want to consider what replacing the plan might look like.

With that being said, if you would like to review what is available or you want an opinion of what you should do with your plan J, give us a call 352-508-4221.

You will see what the Medigap plans looked like in 2009.

Medigap Plan J
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About Just Medigap

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