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Medigap Plan G

Medicare Plan G is a top-rated Medigap plan! It is probably the second most popular plan, only Medigap Plan F. The Medigap Plan G is not as well known as the Medigap Plan F, so let’s discuss what it is, its coverage, and why it might be a good fit for you.

Medigap Plan G  covers all the gaps in Medicare except for the Part B deductible. It also includes foreign travel emergency coverage.
Medigap Plan G

Medicare Plan G and Plan F are very similar. Plan G offers excellent value and benefits if you are willing to pay a small annual deductible. After the deductible, Plan G will cover all the gaps in your Medicare coverage. Plan G will cover your Part A hospital deductible, copays, and coinsurance and the 20% that Part B does not cover.

Plan G also covers your Part A Hospice coinsurance and copays, skilled nursing coinsurance, foreign travel emergency (some plans have limits), and blood products. It also covers doctor visits and copays, lab work, durable medical equipment, and imaging services. Medicare will pay its Part first; then, Plan G will spend the remainder after you pay the annual deductible. Plan G supplements also offer up to $50,000 in foreign benefits for emergencies while traveling out of the country. Plan G covers everything Plan F covers except the Medicare Part B Deductible. You can read more about the Medicare Part B deductible in our article:

The Medigap Plan G is gaining popularity for many reasons. The first reason is that it has excellent coverage. Hospital stays are covered, and it will pay the $1,600 deductible you would typically owe for any hospital stay in 2023. Out-of-hospital services and needs the Plan G coverage will pay for all services after you have met your $226.00 deductible (2023 deductible). After you pay your deductible, the supplement plan will deliver your 20% coinsurance costs through your Part B coverage.

The second reason is that Plan G is very affordable compared to the premiums of many Plan F supplements. Suppose you factor in your low deductible of $226. In that case, many people save money annually with a Medigap Plan G instead of a Medigap Plan F. Any savings between the two plans is just extra money in your budget. Since premiums are different based on both carriers and states, it is best to research coverage options and prices to compare. We are happy to help you assess your situation and see what options work best for your health needs and budget. You could be saving hundreds annually by accepting a small deductible.

Can I Save Money $$$

The cost-saving premiums are a great reason to consider purchasing a Medicare Supplement Plan G, but there are other reasons to contemplate. Medigap Plan G has been a long-term saving strategy for people. In the past, Plan G has had a much lower rate increase than other plans available. Previous years have shown as small as a 3% annual rate increase, significantly less than the typical increase the Medigap Plan F has seen in recent years.

Another option to consider is that if you are switching from a Medigap Plan F and your Medigap Plan F has already paid the $185 Part B deductible to Medicare for the 2019 plan year, you will not be responsible for paying that deductible this year. You will essentially be skipping the deductible portion of Plan G until next year.

As you can see, Medicare Plan G might be a great fit for you! Think you are ready to switch? Call us, and we can compare your personal information and check the rates of the top-rated Plan G supplement companies to find a great fit for you and your budget. We would love to help you discover how to save money and get the most benefits for your unique situation.