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Medigap Plan C

Medigap Plan C is a supplement plan that helps to offset the costs of the gaps in Medicare. Medigap Plan C is one of the more robust plans available. It covers everything that would typically be the patient responsibility with the exception of the Medicare Part B Excess charges.

Medigap Plan C Benefits
Medigap Plan C

What Medigap Plan C Does Not Cover

Medicare Part B Excess Charges are the allowable charges above and beyond what Medicare will reimburse providers. The providers are allowed to charge an excess fee of up to 15% above the allowable reimbursement charges. If you would like to learn more about Excess Charges please read our blog post on Part B Excess Charges.

What Does Medigap Plan C Cover

Medigap Plan C covers the Medicare Part A Coinsurance and hospital costs. Plus up to an additional 365 days after your Medicare benefits are used up. Plan C covers the Medicare Part B coinsurance and copayments. Also covered by Medigap Plan C is the first three pints of blood. Part A Hospice Care copayments and coinsurance is included, as well as the coinsurance for skilled nursing facilities. Plan C also covers both the Part A and Part B deductibles set by Medicare. As you can see, you get a whole lot of bang for your buck when it come to Medigap Plan C!

PART C or PLAN C? What?

Don’t confuse Medicare Part C with Medigap Supplement Plan C! Medicare Part C refers to Medicare Advantage Policies. Medicare Advantage Policies are not supplements and work very differently. Medicare PLAN C is a great supplement that gives you freedom to access your preferred providers and hospitals and you can relax and know that your Plan C Supplement policy is going to pay for all the typical out of pocket costs you would typically incur on Medicare. Because of this peace of mind Medigap Plan C is often a very popular choice.

Medigap Plan C is one of the two Medigap plans going away to new enrollees in 2020

Want more information about Plan C or need some help deciding which Supplement Plan is the right fit for your unique situation? Please contact us, we would be happy to help!