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Medigap and Lab Work

Written by Brian Gruss

Have questions about Medigap and Lab Work? Sometimes it can be confusing to figure out exactly what Medicare covers and what it does not cover. Brian from shares some information in this video about Medicare Part B and what the Lab Work, X-rays, MRI, CT, and EKG products are covered and what out of pocket costs you may owe for these services.

You may be curious who is eligible for this coverage? The answer is all people with Medicare Part B are covered. The Diagnostic Lab tests are typically covered in full. When the non-laboratory diagnostic tests are billed you pay 20% of the Medicare Approved amount when the tests are done at a Doctors office or independent facility. You will typically pay a copay if these tests are done in a hospital outpatient situation. Factors that can impact your costs include whether you have a Medicare Supplement or Advantage plan, how much the doctor charges for the services, whether the doctor or facility accepts Medicare assignment and the type of facility where the procedure takes place.

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