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A Medigap plan also is known as a Medicare Supplement plan fills in the gaps associated with original Medicare.  A Medigap Plan is not a Medicare Advantage plan, or as we like to call them a Medicare Disadvantage plan.  The gaps that a Medigap Plan fill in are dependent on which of the 10 plan letters that you choose.  We at help you choose the Medigap Plan letter that bests fits’s your needs and your budget, and figure out what carrier is going to offer that plan to you for the lowest cost, or the most stable cost.

Who Qualifies for Medigap Insurance

Written by Brian Gruss

Who Qualifies for Medigap Insurance? Typically speaking those who qualify for Medigap Insurance are those individuals that have or will have both Parts A & B of Medicare. You must also not have another Medigap plan at the same time.  What does this mean, is you can’t have 2 Medigap plans.  If you already have.. More

Looking at Your Medigap Options

Written by Brian Gruss

A Medigap policy, also known as a Medicare supplement, is designed to supplement the medical coverage provided through the Medicare program. Since Medigap policies vary greatly in cost and coverage, it’s important to find a policy that meets your specific needs. Do I Need a Medigap Policy? The first thing to ask yourself is if.. More

Who has the Best Medigap Plan, Call us Today

Written by Brian Gruss

Who has the best Medigap plan? Based on and depending on last year, last month, last week, next week, today or tomorrow. Or whether you consider the best Medigap plan to be the one with the lowest rate, or the plan that has steady rate increases, or the one processes claims electronically (no claim forms.. More