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Before picking the Medigap plan that you need for yourself, let us comprehend what you need to know about this plan, its coverages, and connection to Medicare.  Choosing which Medigap plan is best is not easy, but we are here to help you with that choice. A Medigap plan is private health insurance that helps.. More

A cataract is very common to aging people; it is when the standard lens develops a clouding or blurry vision that disrupts the passage of the light that causes visual impairment. When it weakens the vision, and even glasses won’t help, the most common remedy for this is surgery.  But does Medigap cover cataract surgery? .. More

Referral to see a Doctor

Written by Brian Gruss

If you don’t like asking an insurance company permission (Referral to see a Doctor), than a Medigap Plan is right for you. With a Medigap Plan you don’t have to get a referral to go see a specialist from your primary care doctor (you can if you want to) but you aren’t required. Sometimes we.. More

The question comes up frequently of what coverage do I have when I am traveling with Medicare. The answer has a couple different parts to it. Domestic Travel Traveling domestically. If you are travelling domestically like I am doing right now as I write this, barreling down Interstate 90 through South Dakota. If you have.. More

Medigap Plan J

Written by Brian Gruss

Medigap Plan J was a very popular plan when I first started selling Medigap plans.  Plan J offered the majority of the same coverages as Plan F.  The exception was Plan J offered a $120.00 preventative care benefit.  In 2010 Medicare along with the Medigaps started covering preventative care in full without limiting to the.. More

When can Medigap Plans be Changed

Written by Brian Gruss

When can Medigap Plans be changed is a common question we hear at We also field a lot of questions about Annual Election Periods, Special Enrollment Periods and the occasional misconception about Medicare. The short answer for Medigap Plan changes is that you can change your Medigap Plan at ANY time. One of the.. More

Medigap and Lab Work

Written by Brian Gruss

Have questions about Medigap and Lab Work? Sometimes it can be confusing to figure out exactly what Medicare covers and what it does not cover. Brian from shares some information in this video about Medicare Part B and what the Lab Work, X-rays, MRI, CT, and EKG products are covered and what out of.. More

Which Medigap Policy Should I buy

Written by Brian Gruss

You are navigating your way through your Medicare journey and have figured out that you need a Medigap Policy. Now you just have to figure out which policy to buy. We hear from people all the time who are confused about which policy they should purchase. People hear advise from their friends, family, and neighbors.. More

New Medicare Cards are coming with Old Problems

Written by Brian Gruss

There is great news for Medicare enrollees, and a bit of caution regarding scammers.  The good news is that Medicare will be sending out new Medicare cards to each recipient.  The cards will arrive sometime between April 1st of this year and will be completed by April 1st of 2019.   The new cards will not.. More