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Written by Brian Gruss

Who has the best Medigap plan? Based on and depending on last year, last month, last week, next week, today or tomorrow. Or whether you consider the best Medigap plan to be the one with the lowest rate, or the plan that has steady rate increases, or the one processes claims electronically (no claim forms to fill out on your end).

Rates change frequently, in fact since we are licensed in multiple states, there isn’t a week that doesn’t go by, without a carrier announcing rate changes.

When we shop the Medigap market for you, we take into account what the rates are today, rate guarantees, as well as what the history of the company has done with regard to rate increases.

Most importantly we look at the financial stability of the company, and won’t recommend you purchasing a Medicare Supplement that has below an “A” rating with AM Best ratings. You’ve worked hard all your life and now is the time to enjoy it and not worry about whether or not your Medigap carrier will be around to pay the medical bills when you need them to.

About Just Medigap
About Just Medigap

We work with individuals across the nation to secure the best Medigap rates.  Please don’t hesitate to call us at 352-508-4221 or fill in your information in the form to the left.

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