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2019 Medicare Numbers

Written by Brian Gruss

The final 2019 Medicare Numbers have just been announced according to Medicare

2019 Medicare Costs
2019 Medicare Costs

First the questions everyone has been asking.  The Part B deductible will increase a couple of dollars to $185.00.  The Part B premium is a little more tricky though.  The standard Part B premium is $1.50 to $135.50 (or higher depending on your income).  If you have been protected under the “hold harmless” legal provision of Medicare, your Part B premium will be increased to the $135.50 premium.  Watch for your personalized statement from Social security to know what they will be taking out of your check.

Part A inpatient deductible is increasing to $1,364 from $1,340.  However, if you have a Medigap plan, that Part A deductible is paid for by the Medigap plan.  Days 61-90 has also increased from $335 per day in 2018 to $341 per day in 2019.  The 60 lifetime reserve days has also increased from $670 per day in 2018 to $682 per day in 2019.

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About Just Medigap

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